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Growing up, food was language and love. Through food we've learned a lot... And it turns out, that this very expression is our passion, and the building blocks behind our business. Our Arab and Italian culture continues to reveal much magic and wisdom, and we take a lot of pride in building this into the fabric of Stardust Standard.

fiyah cidah, the magical elixer

Fire Cider

Once Fire Cider is in your life, magical things start happening 💫

This recipe is 10+ years old, and has been introduced to many bellies. It's adored for its bright, juicy, big berry flavor, with incredible affects from a daily routine. Once you start, you literally wont want to stop.

Drink Me

Healing is sexy

Happy Guts

ACV (apple cider vinegar) is a staple in gut health for many reason - We decided to make Fire Cider delicious, and infuse it with 20+ herbs that aim to support long term health. Think of a multi-vitamin, or the most nourishing pot of stew with organic ingredients - This recipe is that x1000.

More Details

A boost for your heart, gut & butt

Fire up your system, warm up the gut, and build defense against cold + flu season